A safe haven for families dealing with cancer...
a place where hands are held, the laughter is loud, and joy is shared.

Welcome to Camp Debbie Lou

Camp Debbie Lou is a retreat for children who have been diagnosed with cancer. We are one of only a few camps in the country that invites the entire family to a fun-filled, summertime getaway. After all, childhood cancer not only affects the children who have it, but also their parents and siblings. Since 2004, Camp Debbie Lou has held 37 camp sessions and welcomed 228 families through our doors! We are honored that these families have joined us! Camp Debbie Lou provides a happy and safe camping experience, and lets kids just be kids, having fun at camp. Families get to take a break from the reality of this disease and camp allows them the opportunity to create lasting memories together!

Our Mission Statement

Camp Debbie Lou is a low country ranch whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for children with cancer to experience quality time with their families in a Christian environment filled with fun, love, and laughter.

Camp Debbie Lou is governed by a board of directors.

  • Judy Richardson - Chairwoman
  • John Rayne - Vice Chair
  • Rita Isenhour - Secretary
  • Robyn Richardson - Vice Secretary
  • Robyn Queen - Treasurer
  • David Nielson
  • Ian Shorkey
  • Dr. Ryan Smith
  • Edward Spivey

All the families featured on this website have consented to their likenesses being used. Unauthorized reproduction or duplication of any image, graphic, or text used on this website is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Camp Debbie Lou Foundation.