Family Selection

Families from North and South Carolina are invited to attend Camp Debbie Lou. They come to us as a referral from one of the close relationships we have established with hospitals, doctors, ministers, and social workers.

We select families that we hope will create the most meaningful experience for everyone.

These professionals are asked to identify families who will benefit the most from attending Camp Debbie Lou. Families are chosen through a combination of staff prayer and a sensitive review of their physical, emotional, and financial needs. We select families that we hope will create the most meaningful experience for everyone. MONEY IS NOT AN ISSUE – THE CAMP IS FREE OF CHARGE TO ALL FAMILIES.

Because no family should get their hopes up and later be disappointed, guests are chosen without any knowledge that they are being considered. We believe a quiet, sensitive, and thoughtful selection process is the best way to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

If you know a family who needs to experience fun, love, and laughter, please complete and submit a referral form. We invite you to call the camp director if you have questions at the camp office: 843-752-5416.

Referral Guidelines

Keep in mind these guidelines as you consider possible referrals.

  • The children we accept have been diagnosed with cancer and range in age from 4 to 14.
  • Children must not be undergoing chemotherapy during the week of camp.
  • The family’s ability to pay is not an issue – the camp is free of charge.
  • We accept children from diverse cultural backgrounds without regard to race, gender, or religious belief.

All the families featured on this website have consented to their likenesses being used. Unauthorized reproduction or duplication of any image, graphic, or text used on this website is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Camp Debbie Lou Foundation.